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    The United Nations University (UNU) is the academic arm of the United Nations and acts as a global think tank. The mission of the Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS) is to carry out cutting edge research on risks and adaptation related to environmental hazards and global change. The institute’s research promotes policies and programmes to reduce these risks, while taking into account the interplay between environmental and societal factors.

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    Education and Capacity Building

    Capacity building is one of the core activities carried out by UNU-EHS. There are three main avenues for delivering capacity building: through academic activities, training programmes, and project-based activities to develop capacities of institutions. The UNU-EHS E-Campus is a virtual learning environment offering online training and education to staff, students, and project partners of UNU.

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      Foundations of Climate and Disaster Risk Finance and Insurance (CDRFI) and Impactful Civil Society Engagement

      This free, self-paced eLearning course gives a profound introduction to climate and disaster risk finance and insurance (CDRFI) and the political processes surrounding it. The course presents conceptual and policy frameworks, laying the ground for CDRFI, and shows how approaches in this context are functioning in practice. It further demonstrates how CDRFI can be integrated in national policy frameworks and provides insight on CSO engagement and advocacy strategies at the national, regional and international levels. Finally, it sheds light on potential benefits, limitations and challenges of CDRFI solutions. By the end of the course, learners should have more resources to engage in a meaningful and critical way in CDRFI programs. The main target group of this online course are civil society organizations that want to work in the field of CDRFI, but everyone interested in the topic is welcome to join this learning journey free of charge.